Since the COVID pandemic began, our way of living has been affected dramatically. Although food shortages are almost everywhere, a few areas have managed to get through the global health crisis by establishing gardens to ensure a satisfactory level of food supply.

Community gardening provides many advantages even to a small populace. Here are a few:


A community garden, if taken care of properly, generates fresh, locally-grown food for everyone.

Neighborhood Improvement

A gardening plot shared by an entire neighborhood not only yields fresh produce; it also gives a satisfying labor opportunity and, as a result, radiates a sustainable sense of community.

Health Boos

Public gardens boost the well-being of the whole commune. Frequent vegetable consumption is a guarantee because these gardens produce fresh crops. Additionally, community gardens serve as an ideal venue for doing exercises.

Land Preservation

Community gardening can also aid in land preservation efforts. Large-scale greening projects focus on conserving natural areas. Still, this exact idea can apply to a specific like-minded community, too.

Overall, the value of community gardening is to allow people to experience how to grow a garden from scratch. Everyone can take part in observing and learning so they will gain knowledge in forming a garden someday.

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