It’s no news that communities or a combination of many are the bedrock of any great place. Community building has been in existence since existence itself. The modern age and technology have only been a contributor to this.

Social media and the overall internet space have proven to be effective tools that help build communities. From Facebook to Google, brands compete to stand out online and attract their audience in various ways. One of which is by tracing their audience worldwide, their COMMUNITY.

The CBD industry isn’t left behind. High quality cbd gummies have caught the trend and channel their energy towards community building to attract customers. But why?

CBDs Industry Breakthrough

Until the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, hemp-derived CBD products were frowned on. Since then, the CBD industry has taken the global marketplace by storm. Brands specializing in making CBD products and tinctures have witnessed growth in recent years against all odds.

Before CBD became popular, it was formerly known as the Cannabis Industry. The rebranding of Cannabis to CBD was done to capture the consumer’s interest, arouse their curiosity, and naturally captivate them in between. However, it came with its challenges.

However, this gave Cannabis the push it needed. CBD has broken into the cosmetic/beauty, beverage, health, food, and even pet industries, to mention a few. But this hasn’t dwindled its fight against certain restrictions in some regions.

CBD And The Internet Space

The world is a global village. Brands that seek to stand the test of time have to secure their space on it. But certain policies and restrictions are in place online as well.

For example, Facebook is very strict with its advertising policies on certain drugs and health products. E.g., their “Ads must not promote the sale of illegal, recreational or prescription medications, images with marijuana and more (paraphrased). This is a direct jab at the CBD industry.

And for Google, CBD is on its list of unapproved pharmaceuticals, and running ads is like walking on eggshells. This left the CBD industry no choice but to get overly creative with advertising to trademark their online presence.

CBD pioneers sought to put their bets on SEO, affiliate marketing, email, and influence marketing. They invested in E-commerce sites like Shopify to boost their sales, brand identity, and find their consumers. Little by little, CBD has crept its way into popularity.

The Birth of CBDs Community

With the creativity of the CBD industry in gaining online recognition, its community followed suit naturally. CBD brand owners tapped into finding its audience, educating them, and letting them know they are available.

Influencer marketing helped the concept of increasing their network-based promotions. By showing the consumer’s CBD offers a variety of solutions from beauty to health to therapy, CBD fans have rapidly increased over the years. This has helped CBD build its thriving community online.

With time, we will see how far CBD companies go in keeping their communities active and how effective it is in the long run. As long as legislative grey areas exist, the CBD community might be all the industry has for a long while.

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