When it comes to tourism, the Regional Municipality of Halton has a lot to offer. Perhaps it is the only region in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where you get to see breathtaking waterfronts, go outdoor cycling as you please, eat fresh farm products, and experience nature with its lush woodlands.

The Halton Region is well-known for the Lake Ontario waterfront. Now that this lakeside is open to the public, you get to enjoy spectacular views and access to more than 25 kilometers of it. You can even do some waterfront trekking with friends.

As a top-notch cycling destination, Halton offers a lot of on-road and off-road options for enthusiasts. You may go for a leisurely ride along the Lake Ontario littoral or go on a trip to one of several mountain biking trails at Hilton Falls, Kelso, or Mountsberg.

Halton Region is also the top destination for anything agricultural. The local government has formed an initiative that fosters its thriving agriculture industry, establishing a vital connection among its communities and local farms.

Its lush regional forests are now open for public visits. These forests have roughly 14 tracts of wooden areas, meadows, and wetlands throughout the region.