The Halton Region government provides regular updates on food safety for the protection of residents against related illnesses. Public health inspectors conduct extensive checks of food premises in the municipality, effectively minimizing the likelihood of such ailments.

For those who want to work in the food services industry, you need to take food handling training courses and certifications and learn more about food audits and best practices.

Food providers in Halton should meet the minimum safety standards that the municipal government has imposed. Their products must not be contaminated or cause food-related illnesses such as E. coli, listeriosis, and salmonella, among other maladies.

Special event coordinators or operators, on the other hand, have to get approval from the Health Department regarding the preparation or sale of food in public for eating on-site.

Further, the Halton Region provides the most recent public warnings on listed food products that may pose serious health risks. You can also learn more about these food recall alerts from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Visit Halton offers published reports of offenses related to food safety. This project is also made possible with the aid of the Regional By-Law Respecting Mandatory Food Handler Certification.