The Regional Municipality of Halton has drafted and published the Regional Official Plan (ROP). This document details land use policy and aims to shape its future development and growth.

According to the region’s Planning Act, the ROP should undergo review every five (5) years to compare and reflect changes in its communities and the vision for Halton and make sure that the ROP aligns with provincial policies.

Halton’s entire regional plans consist of comprehensive housing, rural agriculture, local employment, energy conservation, and energy demand management.

At the heart of Halton’s comprehensive housing programs is the provision of access to secure and stable housing. The municipal government has funded, planned, delivered, and administered many government-assisted housing services for Halton residents.

Rural agriculture is at the core of Halton’s overall regional growth. For this reason, the municipality has devised a strategy aimed at providing support to its entire agricultural and food sector. One of the region’s key objectives is to foster innovation in agriculture so that it becomes competitive and remains sustainable.

Employment in Halton is constantly improved, thanks to its annual employment survey. This analytical report collects some details on companies and the region’s employment rate.

Energy conservation and management are also one of Halton Region’s core objectives. As a result, the region has published its energy conservation and demand management plan, implementing actions on carbon footprint reduction.