If you are an adolescent seeking information, this is the right resource for you.

Public health and safety aside, the Regional Municipality of Halton also offers a wide variety of services specifically for the youth, ranging from financial support to pregnancy and prenatal support.

The municipality government even provides adolescents an opportunity to look for available jobs, participate in entrepreneurship programs, and volunteer for different causes.

Minors who are not recently attending or returning to school and searching for a job can benefit from Halton’s career exploration program.

The advantages that you get from this program involve career search, curriculum-vitae support, job interview support, immersive pre-employment training, office communication, and time management.

For the rest of the youth who are interested in starting a new business, Halton can also help aspiring entrepreneurs. The government’s youth entrepreneurship program focuses on business planning and startup resource management, among other training.

On-site experienced business consultants are available to give out various resources to local mentors and conduct presentations on entrepreneurship and other topics.

About volunteering, Halton strongly encourages the local youth to serve the community and subsequently contribute to an excellent quality of life. For this reason, the municipal government has partnered with various non-profit entities to allow adolescents to volunteer and create a healthy society.