The Halton Region accounts for nearly 25% of jobs in agriculture, thus becoming one of the best farming locations throughout Ontario. The municipality even allows easy access to a broad customer base due to its proximity to large urban centers.

The regional municipality has a productive agricultural sector, excellent soil quality, freshwater access, and a decent climate. It is teeming with various farming activities, such as fruit and vegetable cultivation, cash crop production, livestock operations, and nurseries.

In terms of primary farming statistics, Halton is widely known for mushroom farming and production and agrotourism. Mushroom growing alone generates the highest gross farm receipts. Agrotourism operations have attracted foreign tourists and successfully promoted the municipality’s agricultural sector. Additionally, Halton promotes horticulture and the equine subsector.

The Halton Region government has developed two (2) strategic programs: one that funds activities associated with agricultural community development, and the other that focuses on implementing rural strategies. Its fund for community development can financially support agricultural associations that intend to undertake different projects. One of Halton’s rural strategies is to encourage farm viability and attract new agriculture businesses.

The Halton Region is among the members of the Greater Toronto Area Agricultural Action Committee (AAC).